Chocolate honeycomb dessert


A look behind the scenes in our patisserie

Since this year, we have been using a new device in the kitchen at the Fisserhof, with which our chefs have no limits – a 3D printer.

With the 3D printer we are able to create unique shapes for our desserts. This gives you an unmistakable and unique touch.

Of course, there is also a lot of work behind a self-created form. Two programs are required to create a model for the 3D printer. The first is needed to draw the desired shape. The second is then used to convert the 3D model and adjust the desired commands such as print speed, wall thickness and lighting time, as well as determine the shape.

The 3D printer creates the shape by moving a printing plate over and over into a resin basin, at the bottom of which there is a powerful UV lamp, which in turn creates the desired shape on the printing plate in several thousand layers. Printing this printing plate alone took five hours.

Finally, we use the created mold to cast the food-safe silicone mold that makes our desserts unique. And the result not only looks good, it also tastes fantastic. Enjoy your meal!