Massages & cosmetic treatments

Treat yourself to a relaxing break during your holidays and let us pamper you with a relaxing massage, body treatment or cosmetic treatment with high-quality products from Alpienne and Gertraud Gruber.



We will be happy to spoil you with a deeply effective massage milk from Alpienne (optionally Swiss pine arnica oil, St. John's wort oil or marble oil).

  • Partial massage 25 min / € 45
  • Full body massage 50 min / € 75
  • Head-, neck-, and shoulder massage 25 min / € 45
  • Aroma wellness massage 80 min / € 95
  • Hot stone massage 80 min / € 95
  • Kids massage 25 min / € 38

Body treatments

For your body treatment, you can choose between a muscle benefit or a detox treatment.

The muscle benefit is relaxing and vitalizing. The active ingredients marble oil and yellow gentian are ideal for muscle and joint stress as well as tension.
The detox treatment has a detoxifying and lifting effect thanks to the active ingredients birch and juniper. It is ideal for activating, draining and smoothing the lymph flow.


Body scrub and body pack in the floating bed

A natural, cleansing peeling makes your skin soft and supple. An optimal preparation for the following care pack.

50 Min / € 80

Body scrub, pack in the floating bed and full body massage

110 min / € 140

Body pack in the floating bed with full body massage

Encased in a body pack that is particularly intense due to the heat you are optimally prepared for a deeply effective full body massage.

80 min / € 115

Cosmetic treatments

Hands and feet


Treat your feet to a relaxing spa pedicure with foot bath, shortening and shaping of the nails, cuticle correction, cornea removal, foot peeling and massage.

50 min / € 55


Let your hands be pampered. With hand bath, shortening and shaping of the nails, cuticle correction, hand peeling and massage.

50 min / € 55

You are welcome to add the following to your pedicure or manicure: Nail polish € 7,- / Gel polish € 22,- / Removing gel polish € 15,-

Face and cleavage (for women & men)

with high-quality products from Gertraud Gruber

Facial and cleavage treatment

Freshness and vitality for your skin. Soft facial cleansing, peeling, cleansing, ampoule of active ingredients, mask and final care.
50 min / € 82

additionally with eyebrow correction, relaxing facial and cleavage massage and hand massage.
80 min / € 110

additionally with an intensive ampoule treatment, eye mask and a relaxing foot massage.
110 min / € 150

Facial massage

Soothing massage with active ingredient cream.

25 min / € 45

Extras for your beauty

to be booked additionally to the facial- and cleavage treatments

Small extras for your beauty

  • Eyelash tinting € 15
  • Eyebrow tinting € 12
  • Eyebrow plucking € 12

Body hair waxing

  • Upper lip, chin € 10 per zone