The spa area

in your spa hotel in Fiss

Rest, peace, well-being. And on top of that, great pleasure. All of this is awaiting you on your spa holiday in Fiss. Our spacious spa and beauty area offers a cozy and harmonious atmosphere to relax and feel good.

The spa area of the Hotel Fisserhof is divided into many different units to ensure a varied wellness program. A beautifully designed relaxation area with heated water beds and a view of nature as well as a small bar with tea, refreshing drinks, fruit, vegetables and dried fruit round off your wellness day in your spa hotel Fisserhof.

And after the soothing warmth in the spa area, there is nothing standing in the way of a visit to the swimming pools and a relaxing massage.

The wooden sauna in the Hotel Fisserhof

Wooden sauna

In the traditional wooden sauna, which has 90 °C and is also called Finnish sauna, a cozy ambience of natural high mountain wood awaits you. During a visit to the sauna, your circulation is stimulated, the purification process is supported and the skin and respiratory organs are being cared for.

  • Heat: ca. 90 °C
  • Duration of stay in the wooden sauna: 10-15 minutes
Flower steam bath

Flower steam bath

The flower steam bath is a blessing for your entire breathing area. Flower extracts and mild inhalation vapor are injected into the room. When pressing a button, finely dissolved sea salt brine is atomized. The bioclimate in the cabin corresponds to a stay at the seaside.

  • Heat: ca. 45 °C
  • Duration of stay in the flower steam bath: ca. 20-30 minutes
Ottoman bath

Ottoman bath

When entering the traditional Ottoman bath, you will find an oriental world full of water vapor, exotic aroma and pleasant radiant heat. A visit to the Ottoman Bath increases the subjective well-being and stimulates the blood circulation.

  • Heat: ca. 45 °C
  • Duration of stay in the Ottoman bath: ca. 10 minutes
The laconium in the Hotel Fisserhof


In the laconium, the radiant heat of 45 °C from the walls ensures a slow warming of the body, whereby the purification process is initiated very harmoniously. Through a body infusion your circulation gets going and the sweating process is accelerated.

  • Heat: Radiant heat of 45 °C
  • Duration of stay in the laconium: 15-20 minutes


In the tepidarium, the famous bath of antiquity, there is a radiant heat of 39 °C, which emanates from the chairs, the walls and the floor. During a stay in the tepidarium an artificial fever temperature is created which provides for the relief and the structure of your immune system.

  • Heat: Radiant heat of 39 °C
  • Duration of stay in the tepidarium: unlimited
Lion fountain with refreshing ice

Fresh ice

For a soothing refreshment of the body we have a lion fountain with hand-shaped ice. By rubbing in the heated body you experience a unique refreshing experience, which also has a skin-tightening and invigorating effect. The circulation is stimulated and the immune system is strengthened.


Infrared loungers

Infrared loungers

Lie down on one of our infrared loungers and enjoy the many benefits of infrared therapy: deep relaxation and stress relief, strengthening of the immune system, relieving tension and easing back pain.

  • Heat: max. 41 °C
  • Duration of stay: 30-40 minutes

Kneipp bath

The wading through the ice-cold Kneipp bath is especially recommended after a sauna session. The circulation is invigorated, blood circulation promoted and the vein and foot muscles are strengthened. Depending on your preference a water hose can be used for additional cooling of the entire body.

Relaxation rool in the spa area with heated water beds

Rest and relaxation in our spa area

After having a sauna it is recommended to recover and to let your body relax. In the relaxation area you can also enjoy tea or cold drinks and take some fresh and dried fruit to gather new energy for the next sauna session. Enjoy the time in our heated water beds while you let your gaze wander into nature.